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We can service , supply and maintain all aspects of your swimming pool .

We offer a comprehensive range of services including :

  • Pool/equipment supply and installation
  • DIY pool kits
  • Pool servicing and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving pool/equipment issues
  • Complete pool rebuilds/refurbishment
  • Insurance quotes for loss adjusters
  • And much more.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and can advise you on all aspects of it , especially if you are in the market for a new pool

We supply and install solar heating , pumps , filters , chlorinators , spare parts , maintenance and servicing , and virtually everything across the spectrum of the industry . We can solve all your maintenance and repair problems including leaking pools and pipework , pressure testing your system , and replacing and installing components on your pool . Our experience means that we can quickly pinpoint and isolate where the problem may be on your pool and equipment and fix or upgrade it accordingly .

We will travel virtually anywhere to any location depending on the type of job and our existing workload , or give you our help and advice .

Over the past decade there has been a big increase in clients wishing to become more hands on with their pool installation and owner build with our assistance which we have been happy to accommodate . Clients have been able to save large sums on their new pool and put those funds towards the pool surrounds and other features . The DIY approach also gives you the flexibility to work more closely with your budget and not be forced to have the pool installed  all done at once , where multiple trades  working on top of one another can lead to problems in the future if not carefully project managed . This is one of the main reasons why you need to ask your supplier/agent how much experience they have , and how long they have been in the industry especially with hands on installing as it takes years to become proficient .

Whilst brand is important , don’t just rely on a brand name . The installation , experience and after sales service from the installer is equally as important .

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with our recommendations and assistance on scheduling your pool installation to give you peace of mind throughout the entire project. With you , we will oversee all stages of the job as if we were doing the install ourselves  .

So talk to us today about our D.I.Y. pool kits from our smallest up to our 10 metre pools , and see how much you can save compared to other suppliers’ quotes for a pool .

All service work and jobs are by appointment only due to our workload , so please forward your phone number to us and we will contact you .

Our Quality

Products and Supplies

We supply all major replacement parts to maintain and keep your pool running at its optimum including :

  • pumps
  • filters
  • chlorinators
  • sundry spares
  • and all consumables,

all of which can be ordered and delivered to you .

All of our pumps , filters and chlorinators have been tried and tested in the harshest environments and remote areas to ensure that they perform under the most challenging conditions to keep your pool in pristine condition . We are committed to ensuring that the products we recommend and supply are right for non-metro applications . These products come as standard on all of the pools we have sold and installed over the years .

We can also advise you on all of your maintenance requirements in order to reduce your overall running costs , whether in terms of power or chemical use . We will also advise you about simple preventative maintenance actions you can take that will  give you a trouble free run with your pool , giving you and your family more time to relax, use and enjoy your pool .

So no matter what your needs may be , do not hesitate to contact us via email with your phone details and we will contact you .